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Roundtrip New Orleans

Roundtrip New Orleans

Dates of Travel

Feb 21, 2024

Starting from

$1,499 per person


5 Days

Roundtrip New Orleans


*Prices are based per person based on double occupancy. Single supplement pricing is available upon request. Subject to pricing and availability. To learn more about our terms and conditions click here

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Cruise Line & Ship

American Queen Voyages | American Countess

Roundtrip New Orleans

Roundtrip New Orleans


Starting from

$1,499 per person


Dates of Travel

February 21, 2024


5 Days

Delight in the easy serenity of steamboating Roundtrip New Orleans



Day 1: Feb 21 - New Orleans, Louisiana

Enjoy your complimentary stay at the pre-cruise hotel. The evening is yours to become acquainted with the city. For your convenience, our Hospitality Desk will be located in the hotel, and our friendly staff can assist with everything from general questions about your upcoming voyage to reserving premium experiences. Representatives from American Queen Voyages and our local port/city partner will be available to provide you with dining, entertainment and sightseeing options to maximize your time here.  

Day 2: Feb 22 - New Orleans, Louisiana

Indigenous people inhabited the rich lands between the Mississippi and Lake Pontchartrain for the same reasons that would later attract Europeans: ecological resources and a network of navigable rivers, bayous, and bays. La Nouvelle-Orleans was founded by Jean Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville in 1718 upon the slightly elevated banks of the Mississippi approximately 95 miles above its mouth. Engineers laid out a grid of streets with a Place d’Armes (Jackson Square) that would become known as the Vieux Carré (Old Square), or today’s French Quarter.

New Orleans’s Creole, Cajun and other diverse residents blended to develop art, cuisine, music, and general culture unlike any other in the United States. Whether you have a few days here or just a few hours, uncover the treasures of the city as you explore the unique sites and attractions lining the historic streets as seen in the famous French Quarter or admire the architecture of the stunning Garden District.

Day 3: Nottoway, Louisiana

American Queen Voyages features an exclusive port at Nottoway, located in White Castle, LA, on the south bank of the Mississippi River, part of the Baton Rouge metropolitan area. Here you can visit the estate of sugarcane magnate Randolph Nottoway – the enormous standing pre-war mansion in the South (53,000 sq ft) – an intricate building with impressive detail. Original furnishings mingle with era-appropriate antiques to create an atmosphere that does justice to the home’s original ambiance. It is fascinating history and a luxurious aesthetic – an authentic Southern experience you will not want to pass up. The surrounding town of White Castle was established as a town in the 1880s with the influx of people and business brought by the logging industry in the cypress swamps of the area. When the cypress wood was depleted, the main economic activity reverted to the sugar cane industry which had been established in the latter part of the 18th century. Individual plantation sugar mills gave way to larger mills servicing many plantations. By 1970, White Castle had three major sugar mills, Cora Texas, Cedar Grove, and Catherine/Supples. Only one, Cora Texas, is still in operation. During the 1950s, the chemical industry entered the area, congregating around the Mississippi between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. This industry brought economic growth which took White Castle into the 1980s. Companies establishing chemical plants in the area near White Castle were Dow Chemical north of Plaquemine, Georgia-Gulf and Hercules north of White Castle, and Ciba-Geigy on the east bank of the Mississippi.

Day 4: St. Francisville, Louisiana

St. Francisville today is a testament to the lifestyle of a bygone era, with its cache of charming pre-war homes and striking architecture. With over 140 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, sprawling estates nestled in the countryside and bustling Main Street shops, this quaint port situated on the Mississippi has a style all its own. This oldest town in the Florida Parishes, St. Francisville has been called the town two miles long and two yards wide; it lies on a loessal ridge created by the dust storms of the Glacier Period. 

Swept in from the western plains, this soil formed vertical cliffs sometimes 90-feet high which rested on the sand and clay bottom of an ancient sea. These formations occur only in a narrow strip of land extending from Baton Rouge into Tennessee; the ridges are the actual foothills of the Appalachians. This bluff attracted Spanish Capuchins in need of a highland burial ground. They received a land grant from their king and built a wooden monastery between 1773 and 1785. The settlement straggled around the cemetery and monastery took its name from the order’s gentle patron. By 1785 the number of land grants taken up by settlers prompted the Spanish leaders to create the district comprising the instep of the boot that is Louisiana today. St. Francisville has survived and reflects the growth and character of the surrounding countryside. A stroll through its historic center awakens a sense of place and an awareness of two centuries of architecture and lifestyles.

Day 5: Feb 25- New Orleans, Louisiana

As your American Queen Voyages journey concludes, there are other opportunities for you to take in the town -- whether it's an optional premier post-cruise experience or a quick transfer to the airport for your final trip home -- your AQV team can pre-arrange everything for you.

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